Horses in Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process can be extremely difficult for both horses and humans. Our rescues come to us with a variety of issues both big and small. Some recent cases include horses that were malnourished, had rotten hooves, had cuts from barbed wire fences, showed signs of physical abuse, was partially paralysed from a stroke, and even one that came to us with arsenic poisoning. Regardless of their condition, we care for them and give them a second chance. Once healthy, we train them and get them ready for adoption.

(Note, we are always looking for quality, volunteer horse trainers with a gentle touch. If you are interested please contact us.)

We currently don't have any horses in rehab.

Ridge is a 13 year old sorrel, TB gelding. He needs 500# and a year for his feet to get in shape. No one ever taught him ground manners but he is submissive, sweet, and willing. He is also a BIG boy.

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