Our Permanent Residents

While our primary goal is to place our horses into forever homes, the reality is that some will never leave Spring Creek. That can be due to a number of reasons including age and ongoing health or mental issues. It some cases they have simply lost the ability to trust. In such cases, we bring them into our home and give them the care and attention the need to be happy and healthy. Here's some of our current residents:

Betty came to Spring Creek when she was 11 with no handling/trimming/worming. She is our Mascot, & is sweet ( mostly) & greets new visitors.

4 year old Cremello Mare with crystal blue eyes. Bonus was picked up at the feed lot when she was 4 weeks old. She was bottle fed so she does know she is human, not horse.

This beautiful Dark Bay mare was a Southern Ute pull. She was born with a twisted uterus and left running with a stud. Chloe's baby got stuck in the wrong place and she had to have a C-section and then was spayed. No, the baby did not survive. The nerves in her rear legs were compromised, so between nerve damage and former abuse she will spend the rest of her life here at the rescue. She is smart, gorgeous to look at, and seems very happy living with Calvin as her protector.

Colton came to us from a confiscation in 2006 after he had been run through a fence by a dog. The physical abuse and starvation he suffered, as well as his injuries, keeps him one of our "lifers."

One of the beautiful things about Spring Creek Horse Rescue is how dedicated the Rescue is to the horses that come through here. We have seen Fancy on several other occasions, but when we heard that she needed help again, Diane was quick to swing open the gates and welcome her back. Fancy still has her old snotty attitude, no matter how skinny she gets! Over the last several months, she has put on easily 300 pounds, and is still gaining! She has also been the terror of the stalls, always wanting to be in charge of everyone and everything and constantly looking for that tiny crack in the stall door to stage an escape and go exploring. Despite her "large and in charge" attitude, we love her and she will always have the best of care here. Since Fancy is such a hard keeper, and since this is her third trip to the Rescue, she will now have a permanent home here to live out her retirement in a place where she will always get what she needs. Welcome home, Fancy!

Keester, a 34-year-old Russian Arabian, had a career as a trainer's horse for many, many years. He belonged to a trainer since he was two. He knows every command, Western and English. As Diane says, "Keester is learning to be just a horse." He enjoys his days in the pasture and in a cozy stall. Keester is also used as a lesson horse here at the Rescue and does a superb job!

Lilly, Samuel's corral mate, is a large gray Quarter Horse and was used as an all purpose ranch/work horse. She has a bit of a wave to her mane and tail, which suggests maybe a Spanish breed in her background. I personally think she is one of our most beautiful.

Mouse is a Rocky Mountain X Tennessee Walker yearling filly. She had a run in with a gate at 30 days old and has had her eye removed. She was born to do dressage, or be under harness and is quite the "hot rod".

Pacino is a seven-year-old Sorrel Gelding, wide blaze/3 whites. He has matured to 14-2.5HH. He has a stocky quarter build and an all-boy personality.

Pearl is a 25-year-old Percheron Brood Mare. She is a volunteer favorite. She was saved from "the truck".

X Roping horse,15-2HH, 1300#, good lookin boy, easy to love. Some arthritis, but likes to go for rides.

Snip is a gorgeous 15 hand- plus bay Quarter Horse gelding. His career was at a working cattle ranch. He is 21 year old and unfortunately, he suffered a stroke shortly after his arrival at the Rescue, but he is a lover and is learning to get around pretty well again. He sustained a stifle Injury when he fell (among other injuries that have healed) and is now bright and perky, but will not be able to be ridden again. He loves attention and is a good "teacher horse." He thoroughly enjoys life and is a good example for kids and adults to learn how to be around horses. He is stubborn, and beautiful, very fond of human attention and some days he thinks he already died and went to the greener pastures with all the nurturing he gets from everyone. Most days, Snip ambles around the Rescue, visiting here and there.

Tambara came to us last Christmas. Her owners (who had owned her since she was born) could no longer feed her and she needed somewhere to go. When they dropped her off, the owner said, "By the way, she's having problems with her vision." Spring Creek's opinion is that if you call yourself a "rescue," you take in horses that need to be rescued, not just horses you can "flip" and make a buck. Tambara is totally blind now, but compensates with human voice or touch. She also often poses as a lesson horse for all sorts of kids and is looking wonderfully fat and content after a year.

Tara is a six-year-old warm blood filly. She pretends she's a lesson horse for our larger lesson folks.

Tiela was a sweet Arabian Mare that had an allergy to flies and dust. We called her "Dog." The kids loved her as she couldn't get enough attention. She was easy for anyone to handle and helped with the education we do here. RIP Tiela.

Tom passed away recently. He will be missed. Tom was a Clydesdale Gelding. This big boy is one of the 2% of horses that suffer a stroke and live. When he came to us he was completely paralyzed on his left side. He was also starved and came down with bastard strangles, so he has been through more than any horse should bear and deserves to live out his life, and entertain us, until he says he's had enough. Thanks to Karlene Stange DVM and her magic, Tom now runs, kicks, plays with the other horses, and enjoys every single moment life can give him.

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